599 provides a special service that complements existing transportation solutions. First Mile and Final Mile are two options for this service, which ensures the most professional handling of your shipment for the benefit of your customers. Whether you require specialized pickup or specialized final mile services, 599 can accommodate your needs.

599 represents your company by interacting with your customers and shipments and bringing our high standard of quality. Whether you need items loaded and prepared for shipment or polished and delivered, we can raise the bar of your operations in both business and residential settings. 599 has the resources and solutions to make your company stand out as a high quality and customer-oriented business.

Residential and business delivery often requires “white glove” service. 599 makes this possible. Our first and final mile capabilities include staging of products, meaning that we can unpack items and ensure that they are prepared in showroom condition. We can also provide in-room delivery and assembly or disassembly as well as removal of packing materials. We have experience with any number of home appliances, catalog or Internet purchases, office equipment, safes, and more. Our services are available to every zip code in the continental United States in addition to the major markets in Canada.

By offering the best options for your shipment from our wide variety of specialized delivery solutions, 599 makes deliveries on schedule and in the best condition. This includes using our lift gate vehicles that can navigate difficult areas or residential neighborhoods. 599 will also work within your standards of operation, offering tracking, voice and document Proof-of-Delivery (POD), and survey technology that allow you to monitor performance. 599's first and final mile aims to take care of your customers in every way possible.

Your in-store customer service may be impeccable, so why not carry that level of service to every aspect of your customer experience? Don’t let a poorly chosen shipping solution reflect negatively on your reputation. Let 599 ensure that point of contact with your customer leaves them satisfied.


599 understands the need to provide a customer experience that lasts beyond the initial sale and continues through the delivery process. Our home delivery service addresses that need by providing options for residential delivery that extend the reach of our partners’ businesses. The goal is to maintain the relationships that have already been cultivated with  [In-Home Delivery Services] customers, support brand integrity, and ensure they have a delivery experience that leaves them more than satisfied.

What matters most is the experience of your customer, the end user of your product. This is where 599's residential delivery service really stands out. Our lift gate vehicles make it possible to navigate residential neighborhoods. Each vehicle is operated by a two-person crew that matches a limited delivery window and can either provide driveway, threshold, or in-room delivery, depending on the cargo. We even handle stairs, minor assembly, and packing material removal. Our in-room teams are trained to remove an old product, such as a large appliance, install the new product, power it on, and test it to ensure that it works.

Whatever you need to transport, we can handle it. 599's experience with home delivery ranges from freezers to furniture, televisions to mattresses, safes to arcade games and beyond. Our delivery network is available to serve every zip code in the contiguous 48 states and all major Canadian markets as well. We do in-home delivery right, and with a claim ratio of 0.5%, we prove it every day.

We know how important your customers are, and your goal of serving them is our goal too. Contact us to start giving your customers 599's home delivery treatment.


For clients who need cargo shipped quickly without sacrificing quality, 599 can answer, “We can do that!” Time-sensitive jobs are handled with the same quality care standards that 599 upholds across all shipments. By utilizing  [Expedite Shipment Services] our expansive resources, 599 is capable of composing the means to ship whatever you need to move to the place where you need it and in the time frame you specify.

599's expedited shipping is offered both domestically and internationally, so we are prepared to handle all of your shipping needs regardless of time restriction or distance. Our resources are intermodal, meaning that we can ship your cargo, be it motorcycle, mattress, or medical equipment via truck, plane, or boat depending on whether it is going across country or overseas.

Shipments that require immediate transit can be stressful, so our goal is to not only handle your freight, but also the complicated logistics of time sensitive transportation. 599's use of in-house technology ensures that your shipment’s route will be quickly and carefully planned. It also makes it possible for you to track details of your items while they are in transit, so you can rest assured that your cargo is on time as well as in excellent condition.

Next time you have a time sensitive shipment, don’t hesitate to contact 599. Give us the requirements, and we’ll handle the rest.


599 Logistics provides two specialized shipping options that can be implemented to ensure proper handling and delivery of your cargo. Both options carry 599's mark of attention to specific needs and utilize our extensive resources and expertise. And, 599's blanket wrap services are ideal for moving large items that would otherwise be very hard to crate, but require a higher level of protection.

LTL Network

Not every shipment you make will require an entire trailer, but individual security and proper handling are still high priorities. Whether you ship furniture, appliances, or any other sensitive cargo that travels with company, you need to  know that your items will be delivered on schedule and damage free. That is why 599 Logistics maintains an LTL Network that handles transportation for less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments of 5000 lbs. or less. Consisting of over 45 strategically located distribution centers, the Network allows us to manage 400 departures and service more than half of the US and Canadian population every day.

Every one of our LTL Network distribution centers has full warehousing and cross-dock loading capabilities. We also use on site and satellite technology to provide real-time inventory locating and shipment tracking. The important thing is that every delivery happens smoothly and without incident, even when traveling with other shipments. Our team of experienced operators is ready to make that happen by utilizing training on specific products and pad wrap packing techniques to ensure safe delivery.

599 keeps deliveries on time while maintaining the quality standard of our other services. More than 95% of our LTL Network deliveries are made on-time, with a claims frequency of less than 1%. Contact us to find out more about our LTL Network and how it can serve your business.

Direct Service

599 provides Direct Transportation solutions for specialized, high value and large shipments.  We are the leading provider of high-touch, high-value transportation. Whether your special shipment is a single item or a full truck-load (TL), we have equipment and operators that will make your delivery an on-time success. When you move items that demand special care, timely arrival, and focused attention, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Direct Transport service includes direct pick up for shipments over 6,000 lbs. Our drivers are experienced and will load, unload, and unpack your items personally. Not only that, but we go beyond the loading dock to deliver in the precise location you require. As an asset-based company, we make this possible by utilizing our extensive in-house resources. By using trailer decking and a variety of securing tools, we can handle even the most specialized loads. Not only that, but our satellite equipped vehicles and 24/7 Internet service give you total visibility throughout the moving process.

When your shipment is worth the extra space or just needs individual attention, 599 is ready to provide. We know how to handle with care while delivering on time. If you have a TL shipment or one requiring direct transit, let 599 move it from start to finish with the attention it deserves. Contact us to find out how.

Blanket Wrap Dock-To-Dock Services

599 provides specialized transit solutions when a shipment requires a dock to dock delivery.  The blanket wrap services provide the specialized equipment required for high value, large shipments such as air-ride van equipment, decking ability, and a variety of securing tools.  This option of service provides driver-assisted loading and unloading of goods.  This is a perfect solution for such commodities as store fixtures and robotics.  At 599, our mission is individualized attention to your shipment - contact us today about your specific need.


Not all shipping jobs require a simple pick up, transit, and delivery. Sometimes multiple carriers need to be involved,  [Transportation Management Solutions] professionals need to be hired, and multiple people or organizations must be coordinated to make your shipment a success. The logistics of managing a more complicated set of transportation requirements can be difficult to plan in perfect detail. 599 strives to be the one-stop shop for all of your shipping. Our transportation management capabilities extend high quality services across markets, borders, and even oceans. Whether you are looking for a go-to provider for your unusual or difficult shipping needs, or have a one-time, out of the ordinary freight, 599 offers our expertise in transportation management to make the process easy.

Arranging for intermodal transportation means we can get highly sensitive cargo from land to sea to sky in whatever fashion is most sensible. Also, we believe that providing transportation solutions does not mean that shipping has to be handled over a longer period of time. We balance efficiency in terms of both quality and time. We work with your time frame and make it work. You say, “I need it here.” We say, “How fast?”

When it comes to maximizing your efficiency, 599 is the best option with the greatest value, not to mention the simplest for our customers. We eliminate the time and effort that you would have to spend securing and coordinating all the pieces of your shipment. Our highly trained and experienced staff handles all of the details, from pickup to delivery to storage and everything that may come between with seamless transitions. In addition, we acquire lower rates with trusted partners that we have worked with for years to procure the best solutions for your needs.

Of course, even though 599 manages the shipment, we still provide total transparency throughout its time with us. When shipping sensitive or valuable items, we understand that entrusting them to even the best shipping company can be stressful.

599's Transportation Management takes away the burden of juggling various vendors without removing you from the process. Contact us to discuss your shipping requirements, and we will design a transportation management solution around your needs.